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Upholstery Cleaning Orange County – Furniture Cleaning

Z.M. Carpet and Hardwood Floor enjoys the special cleaning challenges posed by upholstered furniture cleaning treatment.

Whether your furniture has vinyl, leather or fabric upholstering, we have the technical ability to clean it without some embarrassingly damaging results.
Upholstered furniture often has the most delicate weaves and finishes and only truly professional handling can guarantee the results.
Z.M. Carpet and Hardwood Floor is a name to be relied on.

Because we want your expensive furniture to last for many, many years, Z.M. Carpet and Hardwood Floor will inspect the material with which it is upholstered before making any decisions on the method to use for cleaning it. In order to remove the abrasive harsh dust particles that weaken the tensile strength of the upholstery fibers, we recommend using our professionally applied cleaning
methods at least once every 2 years.


Investing in professional cleaning means long-term savings and not having to replace shabby and worn out furniture.

Z.M. Carpet and Hardwood Floor We will clean upholstery on every type of furniture, including :

  • Arm Chairs dry cleaning
  • Dining chairs cleaning
  • Leather furniture cleaning
  • Love Seats cleaning
  • Recliners cleaning
  • Sofas cleaning
  • couch dry cleaning

Our upholstery services include:

  • Stain and odor removal
  • Mold and dust removal
  • Special treatments, including the use of enzymatic, ozone, and tea tree solutions
  • Drapery dry cleaning
  • On or off premises cleaning and much more!


Leather furniture cleaning :

Z.M. Carpet and Hardwood Floor provides a complete leather cleaning service. We apply leather cleanser to remove all traces of soiling from the surface of the leather hide.

This process takes some time and is completed by hand. This is because we want to restore your valuable soft furnishing to as close-to-new condition as possible.

After leather is professionally cleaned and restored, we apply a refinishing cream and a protective coating. This enhances the attractive look of the leather and protects it from spills and further wear & tear.

Call Z.M. Carpet and Hardwood Floor today for a free estimate on your next upholstery / leather / wood furniture cleaning.


 Upholstery Cleaning Tips :

Dust can settle on upholstered furniture just as it does on hard surfaces. It should be removed regularly, about once a month with vacuum cleaner attachments such as the upholstery nozzle and crevice tool. A brush will remove some of the dust if you do not have a vacuum, however it will also scatter dust around.

Reduce greasy soil in your home’s air by using a range hood when cooking; clean furnace filters to reduce soil in air.

Arm and headrest covers protect areas against early build-up of soil from skin and hair. In summer, if people who wear shorts will be sitting on furniture, cover with washable throws, sheets or pieces of terrycloth to protect from body soil.

Commercial upholstery shampoos are effective and easy to use. However, if you prefer you can use the following homemade preparation.

  • Combine 1/4-cup of liquid dish detergent or laundry detergent with 1-cup warm water.
  • Use a hand mixer to whip until dry suds form (the suds should look like whipped cream).
  • Test upholstery in an innocuous area by applying dry suds with a cloth or soft brush and scrub lightly.
  • Allow to dry.
  • If the area looks the same but is cleaner, the entire piece of upholstery may be cleaned in this manner.
  • Shampoo only a small area at a time and use a rubber scoop or spatula to lift away dirty suds.
  • Repeat if necessary, then wipe the area with a clean cloth dipped in clear water and wring until nearly dry.
  • Dry completely.

Most upholstered furniture sold today has affixed to it a label or a tag telling how it should be cleaned. Follow these instructions!

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