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Window Cleaning Service Orange County CA

Houseplants grow stronger by soaking up sunlight and watching supposedly more intelligent birds fly into sparkling-clean windows

Are you Planing to
clean the windows? Suddenly the windows look dirty?
Let us to help you, professional windows cleaning in maryland, dc, va will restore the glass

Z.M.  offers window furnishing cleaning, repairing and maintenance, We include:

  • Blinds and shutters Cleaning
  • Shades Cleaning
  • Drapes and curtains Cleaning
  • Windows Cleaning IN /OUT

in the services that we offer, if are you looking for power washing cleaning so lets us to take care..clicks here for video power washing

Window furnishings are manufactured from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, fabric etc.
Our specially trained technicians will decide on the best cleaning process from our range of processes for each type of material.

We recommend that Z.M. Carpet and Hardwood Floor representatives come to your home where they will carefully remove all furnishings and drapes from the windows and bring them to our plant, where they will be treated with the utmost care.
Once we have completed the treatment process, the representative will return them to you free of charge and reinstall them back in place.

Because we want your furnishings to look as good as new we also offer repair services such as restringing and re-chording.

Z.M Carpet & Hardwood Floor

Z.M Carpet & Hardwood Floor’s dirt-fighting crews deliver dependable cleaning solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Experienced technicians refresh upholstery and carpets with steam-cleaning and stain-removing treatments, and excel at gently removing dust, dirt, mites, and bacteria from area rugs to ensure allergen-free floor toupees. The crew of technicians removes contaminants from HVAC systems with duct-cleaning services that ensure clean air and energy-efficient machines. The staff’s specialties also include hardwood-flooring treatments that range from cleaning and complete installation to restoration back into trees.

* Wall-to-wall Carpet Cleaning
*Area Rug Cleaning and Repair
*Window Cleaning
* Upholstery Cleaning
* Tile and Grout Cleaning
* Refinishing Wood Floors
* Air Duct Cleaning
* Automobile Interior Cleaning
*Water Damage Restoration